Big Ideas:
Centralized professional development site in progress
New ways of teaching
New Communication Tools:
  • Video Tutorials/Demos
  • Voicethread like common craft videos
  • presence each month with archives
  • TeacherTube/LibrarianTube
  • Use of a Ning for sharing and learning. TeacherLibrarianNIng?
Virtual Conference Opportunities for 2009 AASL Conference in Charlotte, NC

From Alice, after the Professional Development Coordinating Committee meeting:
This is a new committee, and most of the *appointed* (e.g, no one volunteered) members are sure what the committee's actual charge is.
According to Julie Walker, the charge for this committee is to 'see where there are PD gaps in the Association's offerings, and make recommendations to the publications, conference committees, etc., to fill those gaps.' Even after that explanation, there was no real sense among the appointed (e.g, none had volunteered) members as to what was really expected of us.
I mentioned the 2.0 Task Force's concerns re: virtual conference opportunities, and was told that should be directed to the 2009 conf. chairs: Jay Bansbach and Ann Marie Pipkin.
Bottom line: deal directly with interested parties, and don't expect anything concrete from the PDCC.