Wiki for session

Sunday 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Web 2.0 Meets Standards for 21st Century Learners
Track: Digital Information & Technologies
The panel will demonstrate five Web 2.0 tools, highlighting the features that support our new standards.At tables, groups will brainstorm and develop how these tools can support inquiry learning and report out. The moderator will record these ideas in a wiki designed for future growth. As a wrap up, we may go into Second Life with some librarians around the world.
Speakers: Joyce Valenza, Pam Berger, Wendy Stephens, Christopher Harris, Lisa Perez, Jeff Hastings

Robin will MC!
Joyce will gather stuff in the wiki
five or six minutes per presentation
no-bullet approach

  • Wikis: Joyce
  • Second Life: Lisa, Robin
  • Digital storytelling -- Wendy Stephens
  • Reading 2.0: Anita Beaman and Amy Oberts will do this one!
  • Virtual Libraries: Buffy Hamilton, Ruth Fleet
  • Personal information portals: Floyd
  • Pam will summarize best of 2.0 sites

15 minutes at tables
15 minutes reporting back

Questions for groups:
Elect a volunteer facilitator
  • How are you using these tools?
  • What tools work to engage students?
  • What tool have teachers embraced?
  • What is your strategy to keep current on the latest technologies?
  • Three best ideas from your table?
  • Are many of the Web 2.0 tools blocked in your district and if so, have you been able to enlist teachers to help change this policy? What strategies have you employed?
  • Which 2.0 tools have not worked for you and why? Has something else taken its place?