Our monthly planning meetings will occur in Skype:
Lisa Perez (leperez333), Pam Berger (pamberger), Christopher Harris (infomancy), Mary Jo Humphreys (maryjohum), Wendy Steadman Stephens (windy35801), Joyce Valenza (joycevalenza), Robin Williams (greylin), Floyd Pentlin (fcpen2008), Melissa Jacobsen (melissa.b.jones), Jonathan West (jonathanwest1)

See Minimum Intended Outcomes at **http://aasl20taskforce.wikispaces.com/Minimum+Outcomes+June+09**
AASL Web 2.0 Taskforce Annual Report proposal:

Videoclip Directions
ALAConnect Draft Recommendations

April Skype Meeting
Tues, April 14 at 8pm ET/5pm PT


1. Discuss strategies for making videoclips for our Minimum Intended Outcome about "Standards for the 21st Century Learner". (Robin/Lisa) - Concept: Make approx four three-minute videoclips on standards and their integration.
2. Recommendations to AASL re: ALAConnect (Lisa) - Prior to the Skype meeting, post at least two or three recommendations at ALAConnect Suggestion
3. Guide to Social Networking: Where will we host it? What is the purpose? Who is the audience? Who will post to it? Why use social/professional networking? Next step: Create the online outline.
4. Session at Annual (Joyce): Discuss specifics

Post-Meeting Report

Attendees: Joyce Vallenza, Mary Jo Humphries, Floyd Pentlin, Wendy Stead Stephens, Robin Williams, Allison Cline, Lisa Perez

1. Video-clips: Robin Williams has volunteered to work with us to make short videos - 3 to 5 min - to fulfill this outcome. Our concept is "Using Web 2.0 tools to address the standards". We agreed to focus on specific technologies. The file format will be .mov. The purpose of these videos will be to build on the basic Common Craft videos. We will also build on the rationales that Joyce has already started at http://toptenreasons.wikispaces.com. These videos can appear at multiple places, but also at the ALAConnect site. Robin and Lisa will develop a specific list of directions for the group to follow as they work with her on creating their videos.
Second Life: Robin/Lisa
Digital Storytelling: Wendy/Mary Jo
Wikis: Joyce
Personal Information Portals: Robin/Joyce/Floyd
2. ALAConnect Recommendations to AASL: Please continue to post your recommendations at ALAConnect Suggestion
3. Guide to Social Networking: We agreed to make this a short document on ALAConnect's AASL division group that will provide a one-paragraph explanation of why professionals can benefit from social networking and then link out to existing work in this area. We will table working on this until after we complete the videos
4. Annual Presentation: Joyce mentioned that it is important to connect to the standards in our presentations. Our current plan is to have 5 - 7 min presentations with about 15 min to discuss in groups and then 15 min to report out to the larger group. We seem to think it is not an issue that the list of presenters has changed slightly. Robin will be our moderator. Our presentations will be screenshots or images/voice - avoid bullet-points. Add your recommended small group discussion questions here: Presentation ideas for ALA Annual 09

March Skype Meeting
Wed, March 26 at 8pm ET/5pm PT

See ALAConnect


1. Discuss reactions to ALAConnect. How can we use it as a committee?
2. Discuss using ALAConnect to house our Guide to Social Networking.
3. Discuss our presentation at Annual - Joyce

List questions you have about ALAConnect:

1. How do I manage discussions to that forums become active? (Lisa)

Feb Skype Meeting
Thursday, February 19 at 9pm ET/6pm PT


1. Create a plan of action for our group's involvement once ALAConnect launches next month. Focus: Creation of "Guide to Social Networking".
2. Review effectiveness of our use of Facebook and Twitter.
3. Review latest activity for Second Life and planned activities at annual for the Virtual Worlds MIG.
4. Joyce: Lead discussion about plans for our committee presentation at Annual.
5. Joyce: Update us on Web 2.0 plans for the AASL Conference in Charlotte.

Latest ALAConnect status report: http://itts.ala.org/update/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/alaconnect-phase1-faq.pdf

Post-meeting Report:
Attendees: Joyce Vallenza, Mary Jo Humphries, Pam Berger, Wendy Stead Stephens, Jonathan West, Lisa Perez

1. ALAConnect is launching in March. Our committee members will individually look at the site once it launches and communicate via email initially to discuss how to best house the "Guide to Social Networking" there. We will discuss collectively at a subsequent meeting. Generally, our recommendation is that the guide be created in a community that everyone can see, access, and modify. Joyce suggested that we look at the Top Ten Reasons wiki, the New Tools Workshop wiki, and the WebTools4u2Use wiki for organizations ideas.
2. Our Twitter account is currently being followed by 162 people. There are 454 people following AASL on Facebook. Melissa is posting five days a week to Twitter. Lisa Is posting SL event news to both accounts. We all need to continue to share news of the accounts within our channels to help spread the word. We can consider making stickers to promote and pass out at Annual and at the Unconference.
3. Lisa shared that the learning community in Second Life continues to do well. Carol Simpson was scheduled for the Feb meeting, but is having connectivity issues. Joyce suggested Chris Smith as an alternative. Joyce and Lisa appeared on a recent episode of the Eduverse Talks program for ISTE in SL on SLCN.tv.
4. Joyce led a discussion about preparation for the committee presentation at Annual. One issue is that we don't have a schedule yet of our other events to check for conflicts and to know when this presentation will take place. We can begin thinking about which Web 2.0 technologies each of us would like to help showcase. We can also invite others not on the committee to help present about their areas of expertise. Buffy Hamilton's The Unquiet Library blog can be considered for inclusion in the presentation; she can be invited to join us. Some other topics are wikis, interactive portals, and wikis. We can check to see if Kelly Czarnecki can help with UStream. Lisa Perez and possibly Peggy Sheehy can present on SL. Joyce and Buffy can talk about Personal Info portals. Other possible topics are Reading 2.0, wikis, blogs, digital storytelling, and social networking. We can consider Poll Everywhere to capture feedback at the presentation.

ALA Midwinter Meeting
Saturday, January 24 from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm (Denver)


1. Discuss the status of the videoclips; how they can be housed at ALAConnect, when available; and how they can be part of an ongoing, growing collection of members' tips.
2. Review our group membership in Facebook and discuss expanding its marketing potential.
3. Review our Twitter account and discuss expanding its marketing potential.
4. Receive feedback about our Second Life "AASL - ISTE SIGMS Virtual Learning Community". Discuss upcoming events. Receive recommendations for content in a virtual display of our taskforce work for the ALA sim.
5. Pending further information about ALAConnect, review the interface, establish our group, and make initial plans for its testing and use.
6. Joyce: Lead discussion on our committee presentation at Annual . Session proposal accepted:
7. Set a date/time for our February Skype meeting.

8. AASL: Charlotte This is a draft of my article for Knowledge Quest. Please do not share beyond our committee. I am waiting for ALA's approval of the plans.

Post-Meeting Report - Mid-Winter Meeting

Attendees: Floyd Pentlin, Wendy Steadman Stephens, Mary Jo Humphreys, Melissa Jacobsen, and Lisa Perez. (Joyce Valenza via phone/wiki)

1. Committee members liked the idea of videoclips featuring librarian use of Web 2.0 technologies. We reiterated our recommendation that AASL allow user-created videos to be self-uploaded to ALAConnect, once it goes live. Wendy suggested that we include Jing (http://www.jingproject.com) as another technology to share screen-capture videos of librarians using Web 2.0 tools. We discussed the need to provide guidelines to librarians for video upload.
2. Our Facebook membership is currently at 360 members. Melissa shared that the discussion board has been active. Lisa is making announcements about our Second Life learning community through this group. Melissa intends to continue to build usage via more announcements. Mary Jo shared that she will direct trainees to join the group during upcoming training sessions. Floyd concurred that he can share information about the group through his channels.
3. Our Twitter account is also active and currently has 101 followers. We discussed whether we should follow others and decided against creating followers, as it would be difficult to determine exactly which people to follow. Melissa has said that she intends to tweet from this account five times per week to better share information about Hot Links items and other news of interest to school librarians. Lisa and Joyce are currently using it to share information of interest.
4. The group brought up some new items. Wendy suggested that we look at Diigo (http://www.diigo.com) as a preferred social bookmarking site. Committee members are going to familiarize themselves with Diigo before our next meeting. Lisa also mentioned Flickr (http://www.flickr.com) as a possible preferred photo sharing site. While there are dozens of similar Web 2.0 sites, we felt that, as a committee, we should investigate the viability of making recommendations for preferred sites that are commonly used.
5. Lisa shared an update about the AASL-ISTE SIGMS learning community activity in Second Life. The learning community continues to grow. Mike Eisenberg served as guest facilitator earlier this week. Carol Simpson will lead a discussion about copyright next month. As a culminating work of this committee, Lisa would like to develop some sort of 3D representation of our recommendations for display in the AASL section of the ALA sim in Second Life. Committee members can begin thinking about how this can best be represented.
6. Melissa shared that there are no new updates on the rollout of ALAConnect other than that it is coming soon. She will email the committee with further news as it becomes available.
7. We need to begin planning our session presentation for Annual. Lisa asked committee members to begin thinking about which technologies they would like to report on and present. We also talked about long-term recommendations that the fall 2009 AASL Conference be technology rich with plentiful Internet access and open procedures for blogging, using wikis, and micro-blogging.
8. Lisa closed the meeting by stating that she will be in contact soon to set up our February Skype meeting.

November 08 Skype Mtg
Wednesday, November 19 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT (1 hr)

Update progress toward meeting minimum intended outcomes and strategize plans for delivery w/timeline.
1. Melissa and Jonathan to update us on the use of our Web 2.0 videoclips within AASL. Discuss taskforce recommendations to make clips viewable on public Internet in a non-password protected space in which others can also upload videoclips. Inquire if AASL needs our recommendations on developing guidelines.
2. Facebook: Melissa and Lisa to report on current status and uses. Discuss future potential uses.
3. Twitter: Joyce to report of current status and uses. Discuss promotion and future potential uses.
4. Second Life: Lisa to report on status of AASL-ISTE SIGMS learning community and upcoming plans. Taskforce to make recommendations.
5. Melissa and Jonathan: Update us on ALAConnect roll-out. Discuss our taskforce's recommendations for our space. Include broad recommendations for the online Resource Guide on Social Networking.
6. Joyce: Lead discussion on broad plans for our ALA Annual conference.

Post-Meeting Report

Attendees: Floyd Pentlin, Jonathan West, Melissa Jacobsen, Joyce Valenza, Mary Jo Humphreys, Lisa Perez

1. Currently we are awaiting the launch of ALAConnect to investigate uploading the video montages there.
2. Our Facebook membership has grown. Lisa uses it to announce the Second Life learning community meetings. Melissa will incorporate it into her list of marketing outlets for AASL activities.
3. Our AASL Twitter following is growing. Joyce is using it to announce events of interest to school librarians. Lisa is using it to announce Second Life learning community meetings. Melissa will begin to use it for other AASL activities.
4. David Warlick will provide the December Second Life learning community meeting. Topic: Personal Learning Networks. Mike Eisenberg will be the guest facilitator for the January meeting. Topic: Crisis in Funding School Libraries
5. ALAConnect is expected to go live in the next several months. No further status update at this time.
6. We will plan in more detail our committee presentation at the ALA Annual Conference at Mid-Winter.

October 08 Skype Mtg
Tuesday, October 21 at 9pm ET/8pm CT/7pm MT/6pm PT (1 hr)
Plan to start about five minutes late. Lisa to launch meeting upon login.

Update progress toward meeting minimum intended outcomes and strategize plans for delivery w/timeline
1. In our last meeting, we decided to expand this outcome to include vodcasts. At the AASL Fall Forum, Lisa gathered 15 videoclips about librarians' use of Web 2.0 technology. (See http://www.teachertube.com/groups_home.php?urlkey=aasl) Review videos in advance and discuss how to use these clips effectively. Also, discuss future plans for fulfilling this outcome.
2. Facebook: 105 members to date. How can we use this communication channel effectively? (Discussion board, photos, links, videos)
3. Second Life: Lisa to report on October SL events. Solicit feedback on plans for November/December SL events.
4. Discuss ALAConnect rollout and the Taskforce's involvement. (See previous email dated Oct 1) Jonathan and Melissa to update us about status of soft launch. Can we view at that time? How can we be involved in Phase I?
5. Develop some broad goals for the Resource Guide on Social Networking. Do we want to promote the Top Ten Reasons wiki for now and begin gathering information there or begin to create it in ALAConnect in several months.
6. Other committee ideas?

Post-Mtg Report

Attendees: Floyd Pentlin, Jonathan West, Melissa Jones, Joyce Valenza, Mary Jo Humphreys, Wendy Steadman, Lisa Perez
1. The committee discussed the new videoclips taken by Lisa that featured librarians at the AASL Fall Forum talking about their uses of Web 2.0 technologies. Melissa and Jonathan suggested that they would like to create a longer video out of the clips that would have an AASL title and ending. We felt that one place to house the videos is at the new ALAConnect when it becomes available. Most members of the committee seemed to want to explore ways to make the videos (and any future videos) freely viewable on the Internet, posted in various places, and available in a format in which others could also add their own videoclips. Joyce mentioned creating a standard AASL tag for all web artifacts related to Web 2.0. Floyd recognized that we must be cognizant of posting formal conference presentations without permission. We felt that we want to continue to collect these videoclips at Mid-Winter.
2. The committee discussed plans for using Facebook more effectively. We discussed the balance between creating many Web 2.0 presences and how to continue to keep them active. Lisa mentioned that Facebook is important because there are so many librarians, authors, and technologists using it. Joyce shared that she has had great success in using Twitter to also promote information.
3. Lisa reported on the recent orientation and learning community meetings that are described at
http://blogs.cuip.net/dlis. The October AASL-ISTE SIGMS Learning Community meeting, featuring guest facilitator David Loertscher was well-attended and engaging.
4. Melissa reported that the roll-out for ALAConnect seems to be on target for January. As a committee, we would like to set up a group at that time to begin to explore its functionality.
5. We tabled discussion of the Resource Guide on Social Networking until our next meeting. We continue to feel that it should reside in a flexible, changing online presences.

September 08 Skype Mtg

Thursday, September 18th at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT (1 hr)

Discuss changed minimum intended outcomes and strategize plans for delivery w/timeline
1. Develop a series of 3-5 "hot topics" podcasts related to "Standards for the 21st Century Learner"
2. AASL in Facebook - Join the group, establish friendships, promote to others, provide feedback to AASL
3. Sponsor 3-5 AASL activities on the ALA Island in SL - Lisa & Robin to provide update on activities, provide feedback on desired future activities and AASL Web 2.0 Taskforce presence.
4. Get update on the ALAConnect rollout and preliminary plans for using it. - Jonathan to update us.
5. Develop a Resource Guide on Social Networking - Joyce to update us on plans, provide her with feedback on format and contents
My first efforts: http://toptenreasons.wikispaces.com/
6. Do we want to establish any other outcomes?

Please, can we also discuss AASL Charlotte??? (I know it's not in the IOs.) joyce

Post-Mtg Report

Attendees: Floyd Pentlin, Jonathan West, Joyce Valenza, Mary Jo Humphreys, Wendy Steadman, Lisa Perez
1. The committee recommended that we expand the minimum outcome for podcasts to also include videocasts. Joyce talked about the Flip Mino as working well with her students. We talked about shooting video at the Fall Forum, Mid-Winter, and Annual. Lisa mentioned exploring OPAL. We will make more concrete plans in upcoming meetings.
2. The AASL Facebook page launched on 9/18/08. We are all asked to join the group and promote it to others. We will use it to facilitate networking and communication about AASL activities.
3. Lisa reported on the recent orientation and learning community meetings that are described at http://blogs.cuip.net/dlis. We will continue with SL activities during the year in collaboration with ISTE SIGMS. Also, we will create some sort of Taskforce kiosk to share information about the group within the AASL section of the ALA sim. Jonathan mentioned the idea of reaching out more to the library students who come to ALA frequently in SL through some types of special programs. Lisa suggested that we work with existing library education professors to see what sorts of programs would be useful.
4. Melissa sent up some dates that Jenny Levine would be available to brief us on ALAConnect. We've asked to receive some later availability to give us time to plan. We did not seem to want to recommend Drupal or any other social networking tool until we learn more about ALAConnect. We can use our existing Facebook site and ning.
5. As a committee, we discussed the idea of using http://toptenreasons.wikispaces.com as the forum for our Resource Guide on Social Networking. The committee liked the idea and we will discuss it in a more detailed fashion in upcoming monthly meetings.