Let's use this space to draft a rationale for use of Web 2.0 tools.

Annette Lamb's recent KQ article offers very helpful ideas:

The Statement:


-Something about using technology as a tool to reach the end goal of student achievement. Not using technology for the sake of technology
-2.0 is about connecting. Creating links between people and what they can contribute to the betterment of all
-Probably need to be proactive about safety and security with a focus on instructing students on how to be safe through appropriate use

I am including our Springfield document to use as a possible starting point. Please include links to any other helpful documents you discover!


Michael M. Wagman
Director of Technology
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Oreland, PA 19075-2499
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Dear Parents,

One of the hallmarks of an education in Springfield Township is our leadership in this region in the integration of technology in our instructional delivery. In recent years, forward thinking school systems around the country have discussed strategies to leverage a relatively new set of web tools known collectively as Web 2.0 to make curriculum more engaging to students. These tools include blogs, wikis and social networking sites. In short, Web 2.0 turned the web into a much more dynamic, interactive experience.
Some of our teachers in coordination with our librarians have developed instructional designs that allow students opportunities to engage in higher-level discussions and to show mastery of content and concepts using Web 2.0. Since this often involves students posting and discussing original work and/or expressing thoughts and ideas in settings with authentic audiences (possibly viewable by interested members of the public, students from other schools and classes, etc), we want to make you aware of these instructional activities. Specifically, in advance of the implementation of a project of this nature, we are asking teachers to describe the project to parents and request consent from parents before involving their children.
We believe strongly in the educational value of a project using Web 2.0 tools intelligently. We have seen first hand evidence that supports the research that these tools really engage high school students around topics in curriculum. We also recognize our responsibility to monitor student work and confine school-sponsored use of these tools to ways that advance learning and keep kids as safe as possible in the spirit of governing District policies. We also encourage parents to educate themselves about technologies that have had such a profound effect on so many aspects of our culture and the lives of our students. Our website offers many links you may find helpful. Look for them on our District Technology page and our High School Virtual Library. Also, please feel free to contact me, any of our librarians or your child’s teacher should you have any questions.
Very truly yours,

Michael M. Wagman