Should webcasts/ustreams be freely available?
  • YES! People that can get to the conference will because they know that the real power is in the connections made in the hallway and vendor floor.
  • If AASL needs funding, could this be underwritten by vendors? I hate to even suggest this, but it is how things work on the "free" internet. What if a vendor got to put in a short 8 second advertisement in front of the video/podcast? Have each track of the program available for sponsoring?
  • Or maybe let vendors buy separate vendor spotlight bits where they could do a booth tour and talk about their new products?
Unconference strategies?
  • Could we maybe ask LITA for help with this? Their BIGWIG group has been doing some awesome stuff
  • Or was this thinking more like a Library Camp type of environment where people get together to just share?
Should folks be able to Skype in?
  • Not sure if Skype is stable enough now, but maybe by 09. Text interaction can work as well.
Should moderators take notes in wikis for later discussion? (Handouts attached?)
  • Each presentation should have a wiki page and the presentor can/should populate it before during and after the conference
Should we suggest folks reconsider use of bullets and traditional PowerPoint?
  • Please