Recommendations for AASL in using ALAConnect

Draft recommendations:

Include videoclips of AASL members providing information to support improved professional practices (Lisa)
Point to other AASL sites/groups, such as Twitter feed, Facebook group, the AASL wiki, etc (Lisa)
Add all AASL events to the ALAConnect calendar (Lisa)
Routinely post all important documents to the AASL document section (Lisa)
Utilize the polling feature to solicit member feedback about important topics of professional interest (Lisa)
Utilize the polling feature to solicit feedback that is generally not captured in general AASL surveys (Lisa)
Use the polling feature to capture feedback after online and face-to-face PD (Lisa)
Definitely allow video, and easier photo integration. My ideal ALA Connect would feature an AASL division channel with browseable pdfs of the publications (through docs?). I would also like to see some integration of existing AASL content, like Essential Links. One of my favorite bits is the calender function, constantly seeing events I want to attend. Would love it if the conference planner was integrated & calenders could be shared among members. -- Wendy

General Usability Feedback
Group pages at the bottom with links via letter rather than number. Currently, if you are looking for a group that starts with a "T", you have to go to page 9 in communities.
Allow video (Lisa)
Create screencasts for navigating certain areas of Connect (floyd)
It is still unclear to me how much of my profile content, especially the rss feeds, appear to other members and nonmembers -- is any of it visible? It is hardly helpful to me, so why am I adding it here? I sent a tweet to @ALAconnect about my experience using the Safari browser on the iPhone. I like the default mobile view, but couldn't type into the body of a datawell to post, though I could type into the subject & tag fields. @ALAconnect said that someone is working on an iPhone app. -- Wendy